Terms and conditions

On this page you will find our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update this page at any time.


1.1 If you agree to have your holiday rental property featured on www.CotswoldsSelfCatering.co.uk (heinafter referred to as "the site"), then you must own the copyright to any text and photographs you supply to us. Photos and text supplied to the site may also be used to promote your property or properties on other websites owned by us.

1.2 When a booking enquiry is made through the site, an email will be sent to the property owner giving the booking details. We cannot be held responsible for emails not reaching their intended recipient.

1.3 It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the details displayed are correct and up to date.

1.4 The site may link to third party websites (for example, websites belonging to self catering property owners). We have no control over these third party websites.


2.1 If you wish to have your property or properties removed from the site then please email your instructions to [email protected]

2.2 If you have paid a fee then we will not refund any part of this fee on cancellation.


3.1 We will not pass your personal details to a third party.

3.2 The site may use cookies to track your use of the site, for example to see which pages you visit, which browser you are using etc.
This helps us to understand how you use the site and can identify improvements we need to make to the site.
If you do not agree to such use of cookies then please navigate away from the site.
Specifically, we may use the Google Analytics service to track website usage and Google Adsense to serve targeted adverts.